Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Secret someone and being a jerk, being a monster, being a bad child to getting nothing (True Testimony)

About three years ago I transferred to a new school and it is a co-ed school. I met many friends and there is one friend, she requested me to bring her things to the locker every after class and we started talking to each other, I got to know her more, until when me and a classmate were called out during class for our Field Demo costume, but was during Filipino time,  I was waiting for my turn because he went first and when it was already my turn I asked my classmate to wait for me and I told him I think I have a crush on one of our classmates then he asked who and I answered guess, it took him 2 - 3 tries to guess the right girl and after that we went back inside the classroom I didn't notice that he told it to her closest friends cause her closest friends just walked right in front of me surprised they talked to me like they wanted me and her together. Come the next day after English class two of my classmates came and sat on the area where we were, my classmates asked me who's my crush? I replied back no one, they kept on asking until I glanced at her and they already guessed it right, the answer attracted her and she turned around and I just smiled at her but her face was grumpy and from that moment on I kept in my head that she's mad at me, I wanted to court her but In my mind it is already automatic that If I make a move in front of the class she will really get mad so I decided to try on Facebook and I did and she got mad at me and unfriended me on Facebook on November 7, 2013. I laid low within 3 months and after three months then after that I tried again, exactly on her birth month, her friends decide to give a gift to her (it was a scrapbook) and I wrote a letter (her friends told me to do it) by using the lyrics of Alive by Hillsong Young and Free. No changes yet but I felt that she's forgotten and moved on so I tried again before February 14, how many days before valentines and I tried again and she replied with an angry expression, she said Buddy, real talk, I don't like you because of your attitude. I have an attitude problem and it is not going so well so I tried to change as soon as I arrive but because of school work, Church service, and many more I haven't had time and I haven't thought about that until today. I wanted to change not only because of her but for my life, friends, cause I want to have a balanced life not unbalanced. I tried everything to impress my friends that I can change for the better but I keep on feeling that somethings missing. I want to make a shoutout, to my friends whom I had offend, to my friends whom I've hurt, most especially to the Class of St. Hyacinth and to my crush, Regine Cloie Noriega. Actually God made my life more fun but for me it is not fun yet because of one person and that's her, I am sorry Regine I am sorry that you have to see my anger, the way I act when we were classmates, the way I treated you (sometimes), the way that I acted like a child, jerk, and a fool. Hope you can forgive me.

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