Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Welcome. I just want to take this opportunity to just think about the things that we have been greatful with. I am greatful with the many blessings in my life, like being able to worship lead in front of 200-300 attendees of Feast Makati Glorietta every month, people who are always there for me, I am back in blogging after how many years, serving at the Feast Makati Salcedo as Bassist every month. In school, I have some problems with my classmates since second year and it is ruining my reputation as a Son of God, as a Worship Leader, as a Youth leader, as a human being here on earth, I wanted my life to become balanced in the write way, I wanted to change for the better, cause it is hurting me already, it is not easy if life is not balanced and I want to balance it with the guidance of God. In life we get ups and downs but we intend to get the downs and learn from them. My life is being bless through my parents, my brother, my friends in the community, some friends in school but there is one thing that I forgot to do thats why my life isn't totally blessed yet. In The Feast, we are learned to give 10% of our money to Jesus as Tithe and I haven't been doing that for the past 2 years and last August 31 I started to give again and God gave everything that I need little by little until forever. People say that there is no forever in love, It's true but there is one kind of forever and that is Forever in Jesus. Thank you for reading this, there are more to come, God Bless you always, Reader!

PS Please continue praying and the lord will respond to you

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